How MapServe leveraged 1st party audience data to take their PPC to the next level.

About The Client

MapServe™ is a mapping and geographical information provider, delivering high quality and up to date mapping for professionals. Specialising in CAD-ready formats, they provide 1000s of maps each year.

The Problem

MapServe had an established Google Ads presence, producing a consistent return on ad spend. Despite showing solid returns, MapServe felt there was an opportunity to become more sophisticated with their PPC targeting. They tasked Up Digital with growing return on ad spend efficiently.


With the PPC fundamentals already being done correctly, Up Digital looked to leverage MapServe’s 1st party data in order to improve ROAS on Search. Using MapServe’s Google Analytics profile – we segmented audiences by engagement level (e.g. All Users, Returning Users, Page Depth >3, Time on Site > 60s etc.) and shared these audiences to the Google Ads environment. These audiences were overlaid on to the Search campaigns, allowing us to refine our bidding, reduce unwanted traffic and boost up CTRs and conversion rates.


The first 30 days of using Remarketing Lists for Search Ads brought about the following uplifts in the test campaigns:

  • Conversion rate increased by 26%
  • CTR improved by 12%
  • CPA fell by 24%

This segmented approach to Remarketing Lists for Search ads was then rolled out across the Search activity – with a performance-based custom bidding strategy adopted for each campaign.

We moved to Up Digital for our paid search having managed the account in-house and reaching the limit of our time / capability. Up Digital have taken us to a far higher level of performance through methodical month by month improvement and attention to detail. Would highly recommend.

Tom Samuels – Founder

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